Lava Beads

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Did you know that wearing lava beads,  you can expect a feeling of calmness and balanced emotions. 


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Lava Rock Bead Jewelry

As the name implies, these beads are formed from lava, which is produced when a volcano erupts. They are a type of igneous rock and made from cooled down molten rock.  These beads are shaped and smoothed, which leave small cavities that designs the stones. Due to their physical properties, lava beads have a specific purpose. They are regarded as a symbol of fertility, endurance and strength. The most common colors are black and white, but they can be dyed to make other colors.

A woman wearing lava bead jewelry

Why not have some fun with lava bead earrings!

They are simple but elegant and you can wear with any outfit. These lava bead earrings are made with a 8 mm natural black lava beads. Just add your essential oil and keep the scent with you all day.